05 Piece MYO Hard Top


Kit includes 5 pieces each of Rubber Base and Clear Adhesive backed Lexan Top Laminating sheet.

Peel & Stick Lexan ® Top: [ 8" x 6" ]
Peel and Stick Rubber Base: [ 8" x 6" x 1/8" ]

This is a brand new mousepad kit system. It's a way to make as little as 5 pieces without paying any setup charges. The kit includes everything you need (Except the pictures or graphics to be laminated).

It includes the Top clear plastic (Lexan®) with adhesive backing, The bottom Rubber with Peel off adhesive on top.

To make the Mousepad, you would peel the top off the rubber base, position the graphics you have printed, then peel off the bottom of the Plastic top and stick it on to the graphics. The result will be a custom Hard Top Mousepad.

This size is setup specifically to make it easy to make a mousepad with two 4" x 6" pictures. You could position two standard 4" x 6" pictures that you have developed onto the rubber base and then peel and stick the Top clear Plastic.

Self Running Demo

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